An Intuitive Decision Making Model

Lets examine the intuitive decision making model. To make a decision intuitively the person or group just to go with the option that satisfies their emotional reactions to the alternatives.

The advantages of this type of model is that it is quick and it helps ensure that it takes into account what you really care about. Because you have positive feelings about the decision you will be well motivated to carry it out.

Intuitive decisions can have some serious drawbacks. You might not have fully considered all the alternatives and therefore have missed an even better solution. You might also have based the decision on inaccurate or incomplete information. Your prejudices might make you overrule the facts. For example, you might not hire the best qualified person because of say prejudice in terms of age, sex, or race.

Intuitive decisions might be very difficult in a team decision situation because people have different intuitive perspectives. For more information on the best approach visit Decision Making Models

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