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Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing is a great resource on 'Lean' thinking where the use of rapid and easy business intelligence tools can play a major role.

Many companies are fighting to survive in today's highly competitive global economy. Lean manufacturing offers them a proven method to reduce costs, eliminate waste, increase productivty, maintain high levels of quality and still make a profit.

Implementing lean manufacturing, and proper application of it's principles, can help any company survive in these difficult financial times. It is a system that can be used not only in production areas but any other area that you are looking to streamline such as retail, hospitals or offices. It requires top-down commitment and bottom-up involvement.

Lean is a method that improves processes through continuous improvement (kaizen) and elimination of waste. It is the foundation of the highly successul and flexible Toyota Production System.

Accountable Workplace An accountable workplace produces better results and more satisfied employees. Good leadership is key and you need a systems view. In an accountable workplace, strategy is well understood by all employees and each employee understands his/her role in strategy execution.

Help for Consultants The Consultants' Consultant is your resource centre no matter what type of consultant you are. You'll find lots of free tools, from articles to forms, templates, FAQs, checklists, and lots of useful links. You can also enrol in a course to improve your consulting and client managing skills.

Radical Leadership Management Provides free management and leadership advice for leaders and aspiring leaders. Helps leaders build high performance teams and develop the critical skill-set essential for effective leadership.

Learn Effective Leadership skills from other leaders Effective Leadership is vital in today’s world for every business and every group; Without it a business has no chance to survive.

This site information for leaders to become better leaders, and to share things they have learned about leadership to help others.

Winning Teams - Delivering F1 Performance Winning Teams measurably improve the performance of teams and organisations wherever it is needed most. Having researched and modelled the winning approach employed by F1 Racing Car Teams, we invite organisations to emulate their success through the application of the Four Key Principles of F1 Performance.

Save Time and Money with a Well Designed Excel Spreadsheet Save time and money with an Excel Spreadsheet easier to build, use and maintain.

Blend your Current-Excel-Knowledge with Best-Practice-Advice and turn your models into better Business Decisions tools.