Balanced Scorecard Examples

Here are some balanced scorecard examples based on the positioning taken up by some companies.

What is Positioning? Professor Michael Porter in his book on 'Competitive Strategy' describes three positions

  • Product Differentiator - e.g. high quality
  • The Low Cost leader
  • The Nicher

He states that companies should not to try to be superior in all three categories but concentrate on one. Some companies manage to do two - for example, Toyota not only produces the highest quality vehicles but also at low cost

Another way of classifying positioning has been defined by Treacy and Wiersema called 'value disciplines'.

  • Product Leader e.g. Sony, Apple
  • Operationally Excellent e.g McDonalds, FedEX, SouthWest
  • Customer Intimacy e.g. IBM,

Again they recommend that companies take one position and become the best,keeping adequate performance in the others.

Here are simple balanced scorecard examples based on the value disciplines. Click on the links below:

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