Definition of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence means different things to different people

Here are some definition of business intelligence alternatives by some gurus in the industry

"Business intelligence allows people at levels of an organisation to access, interact with, and analyse data to manage the business, improve performance, discover opportunities and operate efficiently."

Cindi Howson

"Business intelligence is essentially,timely, accurate, high value, and actionable business insights, and the work processes and technologies used to obtain them"

Swain Scheps

"Taking a big picture view, business intelligence is an umbrella term that encompasses a raft of data warehousing, and data integration technologies as well as querying, reporting and analysis tools to required to fulfill the promise of giving business users self service access to information"

Wayne W. Eckerson

""BI combines products, technology, and methods to organise key information that management needs to improve profit and performance. In particular it means leveraging information assets within key business processes to achieve improved business performance"

Steve and Nancy Williams

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