Management vs Leadership

Management vs Leadership What is the difference?

There are two main requirements to run a business successfully in the long term. You need

  • Control
  • Adaptability

On one hand, you need CONTROL to stop things going wrong; on the other hand, you need to CHANGE or ADAPT to account for the ever changing business environment.

A leader inspires, provides enterprise, desires change, stimulates challenge, gives direction, and communicates well. A leader is a change or an adaptation agent. They are predominently A-type personalities - see below.

In contrast, a manager plans, budgets, organises, and controls. A manager is a control agent - (predominently C-type personalities see below).

Often management gurus encourage businesses to be entrepreneurial, but forget about the need for control or stability at the same time.

To succeed, you should strive to be both a leader and a manager!

See below the characteristics required for Leaders and Managers

A -Types fast, quick, persistent, decisive, independent, want things done yesterday, task-oriented, irritated by any wait.

C-Types deep, thoughtful, loyal, analytical, detailed, steady, consistent, need facts and figures, defensive at times, task-oriented

For completeness there are two other personality types:

B-Types outgoing, impatient, want and need change, love parties and travel, talkative, want to be liked and admired, persuasive, people-oriented.

D-Types low keyed, slow, charming, calm, patient, good listeners, lack drive, people-oriented

Leaders and Managers both should use Business intelligence - see Strategic , Analytical and Operational Business Dashboards

Broadly,the leader would use Analytical dashboards to find opportunities and to set strategies. While the manager uses the Strategic, Analytical and Operational dashboards to keep control.

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