Six Leadership Styles

Here are the six leadership styles which are most probably related to the personality of the leader

Coercive Leadership Style

The style is best described by the phrase “Do what I tell you”

It works best in a crisis and problem situations e.g. business downturn, problematic staff.

The effectiveness of this style is limited.

Authoritative Leadership Style ( Transformational )

Here the leaders focuses his folks on a better vision of the future. They use their self-confidence and empathy to motivate the team. The phrase 'Come with Me' summaries the approach.

It works best when changes require a new vision or a clear direction is needed

This approach is usually highly successful.

Affiliative Leadership Style

This style emphasises 'people'. The leader fouces on building relationships and good communication.

It works well when there is a stressful situation existing or when there has been a breakdown in teamwork.

This approach tends to work well.

Democratic Leadership Style

“What do you think?” is a common phrase used by this type of leader. They attempt to gain consensus through participation.

They use the formula: P + I = C

Participation + Involvement = Commitment

It works well when you have to build consensus and buy in or need to get valuable information from key employees.

This approach tends to work well.

Pacesetting Leadership Style

Here the leader sets high standard of performance. This is derived from their conscientiousness and inner drive to succeed.

It works well if you need quick results and your team is highly motivated and competent.

Because of this last qualifications it tends not to work too well in most situations.

Coaching Leadership Style

The leader here takes the long view. They try to develop people for the future with training and coaching.

It works well when employees are keen to self improve and build on their strengths.

This leadership style tends to work well.

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