A Goal Setting Activity List

Here is a Goal Setting Activity List to get you started when goal setting.

  1. Work out what is really important to your organisation. Make a List.
  2. Work out what you are really good at and not so good at. Build on your strengths and minimise or compensate for your weaknesses. Make a List.
  3. What threats exist out there that could affect the success of your organisation. Make a List.
  4. What opportunities exist out there and how can you benefit from them. Make a List.
  5. Open your mind to the ideal situation
  6. From all your lists generate a set of potential goals. Write your goals down - publish them.
  7. Involve your staff in formulating your goals
  8. Limit the number of goals - focus on the most important
  9. Set deadlines
  10. Base your goals on what has been achieved to date. Do not pick you goal limits and deadlines out of thin air. Yet introduce an element of stretch in you goals so your folks will have a fair challenge
  11. Make sure you have the resources and money to achieve your goals
  12. Decide how you are going to measure progress to attaining your goals. Set up a monitoring system. Use the principles of business intelligence and dashboards here.

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