Qlikview - the Next Generation of Business Intelligence or OLAP tool

QlikView from Qliktech, represents the next generation of business intelligence and OLAP architecture. With this tool you can create data structures on the run in non-relational associative databases.

QlikView is a complete business intelligence solution that consists of a data source access module, analytics engine and user interface.

This architecture is called Associative Query Logic (AQL) and is completely different from other OLAP tools.

Fast Data Clouds

AQL eliminates the need for data cubes and data warehousing, replacing the cube structure with a patented data structure called a Data Cloud.

The Data Cloud does not contain any pre-aggregated or consolidated data but instead builds non-redundant tables and keeps them in memory at all times. Queries are then created on the fly and are run against the Data Cloud's in-memory data store.

The in-memory makes the product extremely fast. There is also a 64 bit processor version too. Under AQL, all data is stored only once, and all data associations are stored as pointers, so a Data Cloud database becomes more efficient at retrieving records than do OLAP databases.

A Data Cloud database is also much smaller since records are not repeated through aggregation and its structure never has to change.

The architecture allows for a flexible end-user experience because it doesn't require aggregation for queries that try to cover every possible analytical scenario a user can create.

Major Advantage

In a typical OLAP architecture, business analysts are always trying to anticipate what end users want before data structures are created. Since the result that is compiled by users can be quite complex, the up-front development required to create the design is slow and must be repeated until all possibilities have been exhausted. This usually happens at the request of the end user.

With AQL, field associations can be created in innovative ways. It is easy to create the front-end data views without having to change any back-end structures. Designers are able to discover associations between unrelated fields by using normal relational integrity among tables.

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