What is Transformational Leadership?

What is Transformational Leadership? It is a style of leadership that starts with a vision, which excites and challenges the team. The source of the vision could be generated by the leader, senior managers or discussion with others in the company

The leader then sells the vision to the team of followers and uses their energy and commitment to inspire the others to reach out for the vision.

The status quo is challenged, creativity encouraged and every opportunity to learn taken. The transformational leader acts a role model for the team. They keep lines of communication open so that followers feel free to share ideas.

Every opportunity is taken to celebrate even small successes on the path to the vision.

If all of the above elements can be put in place the outcome tends to be very successful.

There is another way of transforming your company and organisation by following the approach of Deming and Scholtes, which includes elements of the above but also emphasis on data and facts.

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