What is Performance Management?

Performance management helps organizations achieve their strategic goals. It is how your resources and people are managed to deliver your objectives. Performance management is really about good management, ensuring that your organisation and team goals are achieved. It helps to:

  • prioritise what gets done and ensure there are sufficient resources to do it
  • ensure you provide value for money
  • motivate and manage staff
  • identify and rectify poor performance at an early stage
  • learn from past performance and improve future performance
  • increase customer satisfaction.

It is sometimes called Business Performance Management (BPM) and it helps improve:

  1. Control
  2. Coordination
  3. Communication

BPM should not be confused with Business Process Management.

How do you do performance management? Here is an outline of a performance management model which involves four steps:

  1. Set a Strategy
  2. Create a plan
  3. Monitor and Analyse utilising Business Intelligence and Business Dashboards
  4. Make Decisions and Adjustments

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