Write Mission Statement in five minutes the Boss commanded. Never I thought?

Write Mission Statement in five minutes the Boss commanded in his usual abrupt cryptic email style. He has been reading a well know business magazine and it says every company or organisation needs one. He wants one quick! I think he is best placed to do this but never mind.

How will I do this was my concern at first?? I hunted on the internet and found that it could be done in three easy steps - thank goodness. I learnt that a Mission statement defines the purpose or mission of the business. This statement tends to persist over time but sometimes has to be updated if the business environment changes dramatically. The three steps are really questions.

  1. What are the needs or opportunities that we exist to address or solve.?
  2. I jotted down - to make a significant impact in chronic disease management. The population is aging and it is a huge problem for healthcare providers.

  3. What are we doing to address these needs?
  4. Ok - we are making easy to use software that will enhance patient safety, quality of care and boost healthcare professional productivity.

  5. What are the principles or beliefs or values that guide our work
  6. Right well we believe in - integrity, being friendly and helpful, good clear communication and building solutions that really work

My goodness I have done it in five minutes - I'll type it up and email it to the boss, I think he will be astounded how quickly I have done this!

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