A Sample SWOT Analysis Example

Here is a simple sample swot analysis for a Healthcare Software Company selling high value products to a small niche markets

First detail there strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities


  • Highly experienced team, well established 20 years - highly reputable company
  • High Percentage of Sales from Exports
  • Knowledge of Advanced technology
  • Very efficient Processes
  • Top class service


  • Customers slow to Upgrade
  • Complicated Products - need lots of Customisation
  • Products innovative and market needs to be educated
  • Technology emphasis within company rather than Marketing emphasis


  • New competitors entering markets
  • Government spending cut backs
  • Technology changing fast


  • Population ageing - more care needed
  • Environmental issues increasing profile
  • Healthcare costs rises rapidly
  • Increased Safety and Risk awareness in healthcare

Sample SWOT analysis to the Possible Strategic Way Forward

Using their cash rich position to invest in more marketing skills and knowledge to find new markets for their specialist technical knowledge especially in the risk and cost reduction areas in healthcare.

Continue to increase export market to give buffer to Local Government initiatives in healthcare that could slow down their growth.

Seek further ways to add more value to customers so to out bid the new competitors. Emphasis in sales materials the company, it's reputation, and capabilities to offset new competitors entering market.

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