Some Key Decision Making Tips 

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Some Decision Making Tips

Here is list of Decision Making Tips - things to consider

  • Don't act in haste, unless it is an emergency
  • Don't over analyse - don't suffer from paralysis by analysis
  • Don't rely too heavily on the past experience rather than treating the situation as completely new
  • Don't proceed without consultation - besides getting the best decision for your group - participation plus involvement will bring commitment.
  • Clearly define the problem or the situation- write it down - use a Mind Map.
  • Gather as much information about the situation as you can
  • Write down the pros and cons of each possible solution
  • Reconcile your solutions against your goals or objectives - always try to take the long term view
  • Use people who are good at strategic thinking to think through the consequences of each alternative

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive - it lists some of the items you should consider

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